Keeping it real

A few months ago I started participating in a fitness challenge at a local gym.  Through the challenge I was paired with a personal trainer, and heard weekly informative talks by nutritionists and dietitians.  The nutritionist in particular got through to me in a way nothing else ever has.  Every time I heard her speak I re-evaluated my eating habits and the contents of my kitchen. 
About three weeks into the challenge my personal trainer suggested I give up processed foods.  At the time I was down to only eating one processed food a day, so giving them up entirely didn't seem like much of a stretch.  It also coincided with the start of October Unprocessed at Eating Rules.  I took the challenge and went an entire month without eating processed foods.  I lost weight, I looked better, I felt better, and I'm not going back. 
There is some debate about what foods are "processed".  I have my own definition that I am comfortable with.  I am stricter than some people on some things, but I also allow things other people avoid.  As with many things, it is a balancing act. 
I eat oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain couscous, vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, beef, beans, cheese, yogurt, milk and butter.  I try to avoid bread, crackers, tortillas, etc.  If I do eat those things I aim for the least processed options with the fewest ingredients.  I avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  I also, for the most part, don't eat sugar, or sweeteners of any kind.
This blog will reflect this new focus.  I hope you will join me as I keep it real and unprocessed.


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